Monday, October 7, 2019

Impeachment: There's a Season for All Things

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Autumn leaves are glorifying landscapes from the East to the West coast; gathering in colorful carpets on forest floors where whispers of impeachment ride the winds of change.

A winter of discontent, like no other in American history, is sending shivers down the spines of common citizens struggling with issues like health care, and immigration reforms. 

Hopes for any helpful legislation are buried beneath a layer of polarizing rhetoric so toxic the nation is hopelessly divided. The government is crippled. An orange ape is sitting in the oval office shitting on every law of the land.

This apocalyptic winter is fraught with challenges, from increasingly severe temperatures because of global warming, to the sundering of a nation once united.

The bitter business of watching and hearing a president out of control is weighing heavily on the national soul. Consciences are colliding with the very real efforts of Trump to overthrow our democracy daily.

Brazen efforts to obstruct justice, and Trump's abuse of power, is causing showers of condemnation by a stricken nation seeking relief after nearly three years of chaos. 

Trump and his corrupt cronies stand in the eye of the storms ahead. How they weather them is up to popular opinion forcing senate Republicans to renounce his power grab. 

Polls show the appetite for impeachment is growing during this turbulent Autumn. The winter ahead promises to be a bitter one for Trump supporters. Impeachment is a certainty in the House.

The final battle will be in the Senate this winter, or possibly next spring. That's when we'll find out if we're a Republic, or a monarchy.

There's a season for all things. This Autumn it's impeachment.

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