Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The Day America Decided Not To Defend Freedom

Good Day World!

There's a beginning to all things big and small.

When Trump was sworn into office, a seismic shift in ethics, morality, and patriotism was set off, leading to the course we're on today... 

… where freedom is no longer being defended by it's biggest champion - America.

Trump has steered the ship-of-state into murky waters where our government no longer supports democracies across the world. His frolics with dictators are well-documented.

No words of encouragement are coming from the American government for those people who want freedom in Hong Kong. Instead, Trump "hopes" everything works out peacefully between China, and Hong Kong.

Yeah right.

The Ukrainian people have fought for their freedom and have a new fragile government that desperately needs America's help. 

So what happens?

Our corrupt POTUS punks the new regime and will only agree to send the military aid so badly needed by the struggling democracy, if they'll go after his political enemy Joe Biden.

Trump and his minions have idly stood by and watched governments increasingly shed their thin fa├žade of long established democratic practices, when international incentives and pressures for reform were stronger.

The United States is no longer carrying the banner of freedom for oppressed people worldwide. Trump's corrupt regime, and isolationist creed, has destroyed America's standing in the international community.

For a more detailed insight into what's happened to America and the world, there's an organization that has been around for 13 years called, Freedom in the World.

Here's an article from their website: Democracy in Retreat.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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