Wednesday, September 11, 2019

One Thing That Is Real About Trump: He Lives In His Own World

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It was flashback time yesterday to The Apprentice when Trump told national security advisor John Bolton, "You're fired!"

The former reality star, and now president, has never fully crossed the threshold to the real world, preferring to straddle the line between unreality, and reality. 

Trump truly believes he can control reality by bullying weathermen because they corrected him (factually), or by telling straight-out lies like people were waiting in the rain to see him speak at the NC rally for GOP senate wannabe Dan Bishop Monday night.

Note: Bishop won by a narrow margin yesterday - 2 points (in the pure red state) - showing a growing movement away from Trump.

Recent actions he's taken are pointing towards Trump's mental state's deterioration. Perhaps that's one of the reasons why his approval rating is slipping amid recession and trade war concerns.

Because Trump is a malignant narcissist he lives in his own world and expects those around him to conform to his interruption of reality.

For example; look at the turnover in the White House and cabinet. We're going on the fourth national security adviser after Trump shit-canned John Bolton yesterday.

As a matter of fact, Trump's cabinet turnover set a record going back 100 Years. Note, this NPR article is from 2018. 

Tracking Turnover in The Trump Adminstration - His "A Team" turnover has reached 76 percent (as of Sept.10, 2019) 

The obvious reason for the chaos in government is Trump. Everyone is afraid he's going to fire them if they somehow cross what he's saying.

In other words, Trump does not take advise, and if someone wants to keep their job, they don't give it because he is the chosen one.

So what are Americans saying about Trump's reality game? In a poll yesterday, 6 in 10 Americans said Trump does not deserve a second term.

Coupled with the concerns over the economy, it's apparent Trump is not winning over a lot of voters lately. In fact, he's slipping further into a swamp of own lies.

The only thing that is real about Trump is that he lives in his own world.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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