Thursday, September 12, 2019

Why America is Less Secure Today - Hint Donald Trump

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Seen posted on the door of the White House:

"Taking Applications for National Security Adviser" 
(In small print) Don't apply unless ready to kiss Trump's ass daily.

After kicking John Bolton out, Trump is scrambling to find his fourth national security secretary in less than three years.

The search has been narrowed down to this short list of Trump loyalists: 

Stephen E. Biegun - special representative for North Korea
Brian H. Hook - special representative  for Iran (Kushner's buddy).
Douglas Macgregor - retired Army colonel (who appears frequently on Trump's favorite Fox program "Tucker Carlson.")
Richard Grenell - ambassador to Germany (the wild card - Trump personally likes him).
Ricky Waddell - a former deputy national security adviser who left the White House a year ago).

Other names tossed about:

Keith Kellogg, Jack Keane, Robert Blair, and Robert C. O' Brien. 

When Trump stumbled into office on January 2017, America was immediately put at risk with his first choice for national security adviser, Michael Flynn.

Flynn was part of Trump's A-Team. Now that Trump's down to the D-Team it looks even bleaker for the nation's security. 

Think about that for a moment; Trump has been at odds with all of the intelligence agencies (preferring Putin's opinion over theirs) since he was elected, and now he's scrapping the barrel to fill one of the most vital positions on his cabinet.

Trump has made the country less secure by alienating all of our former allies, sucking up to world dictators, and appointing complete assholes to his cabinet.

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Objectively, it's fair to say, America is less safe today.

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