Saturday, September 14, 2019

Guffaw Saturday: 6 Links to Laughs

Good Day World!

As a lifetime subscriber to the theory that laughter is the best medicine, I thought it would be nice to change the pace of my posts today with an infusion of humor.

** This video (50 seconds) features the first time Robin Williams appeared on the Johnny Carson Show. Williams was a comedic genius who took off like a rocket and stunned the entertainment world with his crazy antics. 

** This video (5 minutes) is a collection of Rodney Dangerfield's best one-liners. He was the master when it came to reeling off jokes in rapid succession.

** This video (13 minutes) is a collection of Don Rickles best jokes. His humor was controversial at the time, and today he would probably be banned from performing. But, damn! The guy was hilarious! 

** This video (1 hour) portrays a comprehensive selection of George Carlin's best jokes. Carlin is probably one of the most controversial comedians in American history. He was also a social critic, satirist, actor, writer, and an author who won five Grammy Awards for his albums. 

** This video (10 minutes 30 seconds) is from Richard Pryor's TV Show. His character the Rev. James L. White is a real crackup. Pryor thrived on controversy. From stand-up comedy, to albums, and even his own show, he was (and is) still popular for his zany wit. 

This video (49 seconds) features funny man Bob Newhart doing stand up comedy. Skit: "Air Traffic Controller" Bob's understated personality led to uncontrollable laughter! 

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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