Monday, August 19, 2019

Which Reality Do You Believe In? Once There Was Only One

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When the president of the United States tells us not to believe what we see and hear - unless it has his sanction - there's a problem.

Americans are left with two choices; recognize reality, or agree to suspend it and believe what Trump and his minions are saying.

The result has been chaos. 

Trump's scorched earth policy of trying to reframe our government into a dictatorship has rocked our Constitution to it's core.

Our Liar in Chief has gathered loyal minions who are more than happy to defy reality on his behalf.

Take Larry Kudlow, WH Economic Adviser, and WH Trade Adviser, Peter Navarro, for example. Listening to them both speak about the economy yesterday, I felt like a pretzel. 

I knew the reality, and what they were saying was the opposite of it. They were somewhere in the Trump Zone, also referred to as an alternate universe (thank you Kellyanne Conway). 

Both men have the ability to lie while looking you in the eye. Their version of what's happening with the tariff war with China, was a page out of Alice and Wonderland. 

While claiming tariffs don't hurt Americans, our farmers are suffering from the effects of Trump's economic madness. At the end of this month the government is going to pass out another bailout to them.

These bailouts, proof in themselves that tariffs aren't helping, are not the only sign of economic weakness that has experts looking at the odds of a possible recession next year.

Even when confronted with the fact that Trump held up adding more tariffs to keep from hurting the economy in the holiday season, Kudlow and Navarro did a dance of denial and diverted to other points.

The reality is easy to see. Trump took a foot off the tariff pedal temporarily because it would have had a devastating effect on the holidays (the biggest shopping bonanza of the year). 

My caution to readers is you have to go by what really happens. Not by what Trump and his minions are claiming will happen. 

Earlier this year Trump - during one of chopper interviews (a subject for another post) he told Americans not to believe what they see and hear. It's all fake news.

In essence, you have a choice to make. Trump followers have already made their choice. What's yours?

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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