Thursday, August 22, 2019

A Good Laugh and a Warning: Trump Claims to be 'The Chosen One'

Good Day World!

Being a king wasn't good enough for Trump. 

After nearly three years of royal decrees he's decided it's time to elevate his ambition and go for the "God thing.

In a scrum with reporters yesterday he declared himself to be the "chosen one," and the only one who could bring China to it's knees economically. He believes that.

Egged on by hard-right Jewish activists in Israel, and conspiracy nuts lately, Trump is letting their praise for him go right to his tiny birdbrain. 

This latest act of idiocy was spawned by an alt-right organ called Newsmax which claimed that Israeli Jews see Trump as "the second coming of God" and that "American Jews who don't support him don't even know what they're doing."

The last thing you want to tell a narcissist like Trump is that he's God. The public has been witnessing his dissent into dementia with trepidation.

As his actions become increasingly erratic (saying one thing and doing another), no one is putting the breaks on his slide into irreversible madness. GOP senators who have been enabling him are starting to have second thoughts, but are too cowardly to act on them.

Trump has always claimed only he can fix things that others couldn't. He tells whoever listens that he's a stable genius and a very smart guy because he has an uncle who is a college professor and it's in his blood(?). 

Hard-line Jews in Israel have been comparing him to King David since he moved the American Embassy into Jerusalem. 

So have hard-right Evangelicals. So, I guess this next step - being God - was the natural follow-up for those loons who follow him.

Meanwhile, the majority of Americans aren't quite so gullible (I'm being nice here). The idea of Trump being God has brought out the pundits, editorial cartoonists, and memes in a flood of ridicule.

I doubt however, that the push back bothers Trump who has at least one foot in an alternate universe.

Time for me to walk down the road...

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