Saturday, August 31, 2019

Trump's Art of the 'No-Deal' is Devastating Our Economy

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The trade war with China is personal to Trump. 

Despite constant warnings from nearly every economist and corporate CEO in the nation that his tariffs are hurting American consumers, Trump's plowing foreword in the belief it will get him re-elected.

Not in the belief that it'll really be good for all Americans.

The narcissist-in-charge has had one mission since he was sworn into office: to get re-elected, regardless of the cost to the average American.

We're seeing this play out in dramatic fashion with 14 more months left before the elections. 

In his recent unraveling before the media and on Twitter, Trump waffled back and forth on issues, made 180 turns in the same day, and spewed easily recognizable lies without fear of being called out by "his team" in the Senate, led by Moscow Mitch.

Despite the diversions Trump has come up with this week in a new display of cruelty for immigrant children after hearing about declining support in the polls, he's faced with a growing reality; the good economy that he inherited off of the Obama Administration is showing signs of stress.

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Trump's base is cracking. Barely. But as the months pass how long can they support someone whose policies are crushing their livelihood?  

In particular the farmers that he always publicly praises as patriots for not complaining about the undo hardship his tariffs have cost them, are finding Trump's art-of-the-no-deal unpalatable.

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Videos of Farmers Hurt By Trump Tariffs tell their story firsthand...

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