Tuesday, August 27, 2019

G-7 Conference: No Tantrums Thanks to Babying Trump

Good Day World!

From the moment our commander-in-thief got out of his heavily armored car to be greeted by French President Macron, everyone walked on eggshells.

It was common knowledge the orange ape didn't even want to go, but his aides somehow convinced him he'd look bad if he didn't.

Yesterday all the heads of state gathered and attended a climate change forum. Except one. Baby Trump, who doesn't believe in it. 

His staff claimed he had another meeting scheduled at the time (a lie), and then Trump pretended to be surprised after he said he was on his way to the forum and a reporter pointed out the meeting was already over.

We can rule out the idea that Trump just had the climate meeting down on his schedule wrong. Why? Because the orange anus has a slew of advisers keeping track of where he is going and when. They never know when they're going to have to change his diaper. 

Baby Trump always has adults hovering in the background like servants, all trying to keep his day moving and trying to prevent him from stepping on his tiny dick too often.

It all boils down to Trump not wanting to be in a room of world leaders who are united on the global warming crisis. His childish rejection of facts and bullshit like China perpetrating a hoax against the world... is infantile.

Prior to the conference, the six world leaders agreed to babysit Donny and avoid provoking him with facts, while still trying to show a unified front. It wasn't easy.

I have to hand it to Macron; having Iran's ambassador a short way from the conference site caught some attention. Was Macron trying to get Trump to meet with him? Perhaps, but it was a good curve ball and sent a message to the rest of the world.

It must have been hard pandering to a 300-pound (his claim of 239 pounds is pure bullshit) clown who is also a dangerous narcissist.

Nothing much came from the meeting. No agreements signed. The only good thing was that Trump didn't start a war, or impose more tariffs on his allies... yet. The possibility always looms with the moron.

Going forward, Trump hinted he wanted to have the next G-7 conference at his golf resort in Miami. I think there's going to be a howl of protest coming from Congress and the Senate.

Trump's still under investigation for numerous violations of the emolument clause. Holding the 2020 G-7 Conference at his personal golf club and resort would be akin to pouring gasoline on the current investigations.

I doubt if Trump would even worry about that. His ego and stupidity knows no bounds. Someone give him a pacifier and maybe he'll go away.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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