Thursday, August 29, 2019

Trump Turns on His Propaganda Outlet: 'Fox Should Go All the Way LEFT'

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ow badly have things gone for Trump lately?

Bad enough that he's attacking the TV station - Fox News - that has promoted his presidency since Day One. 

Frankly, I never thought I'd see the day. So what happened? Why is Donny dissing his biggest support network?

Trump's criticism of Fox News has been growing in the last few months. His ire at seeing Democrats given the chance to speak out started out as a camp fire and has since ignited into a wildfire of accusations.

Yesterday, Trump went off the rails again over a segment with Democratic National communications director Xochitl Hinojosa. 

"Just watched @FoxNews heavily promoting the Democrats though their DNC Communications Director, spewing out whatever she wanted with zero push back by anchor, @SandraSmithFox."

Trump has stepped up his attacks against Fox News personalities Donna Brazile, Juan Williams, and Shep Smith.

Trump's disappointment with his favorite propaganda outlet has been palpable: 

"The New @FoxNews is letting million of GREAT people down! We have to start looking for a new News Outlet, because Fox News isn't working for us anymore."

There's been a swinging door between the White House and Fox News since Trump was elected. What we've witnessed is Former WH Trump minions going to Fox News, and Fox employees going to the WH.

That seems to be changing, as Trump is increasingly going to the dark side as his critics and the courts close in on his corruption and high crimes.

I'm not saying Fox News has suddenly repented and is trying to be more balanced. The network's goal is to increase their audience by whatever means possible.

If that means interviewing Democrats, so be it. Fox still loves Trump however. Even when he attacks the network and it's stars. It was a deal bartered in hell and isn't easily broken.

Trump's anger with Fox is based upon what he sees as disloyalty. As Congress continues it's investigation into Trump's illegal activities - before and after the election - he's becoming increasingly unhinged.

His tweets made explicit Trump's long-held belief that Fox belongs to him and his supporters. Despite daily cheerleading from "Fox and Friends" in the morning all the way until "The Ingraham Angle" at night, he doesn't think that's a sufficient display of loyalty.

He knows that the world thinks he's a clown, as do the majority of Americans, but Trump doesn't care. His oversized ego overcomes facts. Trump the con man will do anything to promote his image with his base.


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