Friday, June 7, 2019

Will Trump Turn 4th of July Into a Political Rally?

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Another day, and another assault against American traditions. Today, we're going to look at Trump's latest attempt to foul a national holiday.

A Trumpian 4th of July

House Democratic leaders are protesting Trump's decision to place himself at the center of the national Fourth of July celebration on the Mall, saying his planned speech at the Lincoln Memorial would waste taxpayer dollars and impart a partisan flavor to what has traditionally been an apolitical event. 

It's no secret that every time Trump goes to the podium for any news event, the conversation quickly deteriorates into a campaign rally. Almost without exception.

First and foremost in Trump's pea brain is getting re-elected in 2020. He began that campaign the day after being sworn into office in 2017.

The concern of Trump turning a national event into a sideshow, is widespread. His track record proves that, setting up what's sure to be a national embarrassment.

Don't be surprised if there's protesters at this Fourth of July rally if Trump get's to go through with his plan to co-opt the event.

That's not a sight I wish to see. Americans divided on the biggest patriotic holiday we have.

Let's hope that enough roadblocks are set up by the House to stop this shameful attempt to take over Fourth of July by our wannabe dictator.

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