Monday, June 3, 2019

'Stable Genius' Expands Trade War: India is Latest Target

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"Sometimes success is simply being able to drink the entire cup of coffee while it's still hot." - Tanya Masse

The bully boy squatting in the White House has done it again...

by shocking Mexico, and his own minions, with last week's five percent tax on everything from Mexico threat. But that wasn't enough for the orange ape.

On June 5th, India is being terminated from it's designation as a beneficiary developing country. The move is going to cost the country billions of dollars. We can expect retaliation against U.S. goods.

That's just what we need right now, another country forced into a trade war with us, leaving American taxpayers footing the bill.

For those who are paying attention, two things are obvious:

1) Trump is a pyromaniac (along with his other mental conditions), and enjoys setting fires around the globe under the guise of the great deal-maker.

Fun Question: Name one big foreign accomplishment -actual signed deal - that Trump made with any country in the world.

Fun Answer: That's, nada, none.

2) Trump is never happier than when he's causing chaos and getting a lot of attention. 

For example; Trump's in England where the government is doing a high wire act balancing between maintaining good ties with America, and dealing with the majority of the population who loath him.

Fun Fact: The Trump Baby Blimp will greet Donny Tuesday.

So, he's already stirred the shit pot: 

Trump Shatters Diplomatic Etiquette On Eve of Visit

It's perfectly clear that the self-appointed "stable genius" doesn't know the first thing about foreign policy and could care less. 

Instead he goes by his amble gut, stumbling into a bigger quagmire with every stupid undiplomatic move.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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