Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Trump's Lack of Credibility May Lead Us Into a War

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America's allies are shy about getting in bed with us these days. For good reason.

It's one thing to have a president losing his credibility at home, but when that cloud extends to the rest of the world bad things - like war - can happen. 

As Trump's hawks, Bolton and Pompeo, make their argument that Iran is attacking oil tankers in the Hormuz Gulf, most of our allies are reluctant to agree with that assessment without more proof. 

This is a perfect example of Trump seeing the fruits of his stupid decisions internationally. When he doesn't even trust his own intelligence community, why should other countries trust we're telling them the truth?

On his way to isolating America from the world community Trump has withdrawn from the Paris Climate Accord, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, just to name a few.

Consider this; we asked our allies to work with us on the Iran deal. They did, and then Trump came along and stiffed them - so getting these countries on board with a more coordinated action on Iran is a tough haul.

We have a wannabe strongman who tells us news is fake when it doesn't parrot his personal talking points. He encourages others not to believe what they're seeing or reading in the media.

Trump's well-documented corrupt behavior at home is not a recommendation to other countries for reliability. They see what's happening here.

What they see is chaos and mistrust.

To ask countries like Germany and Japan to go along with whatever contrived evidence Trump's hawks have on the Iranians, was just too much. They're reserving their judgement until more evidence can be produced.

The don't trust Trump. Can you blame them?

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