Monday, June 17, 2019

The 'Trump Zone': A Journey in an Alternate Reality

“Having charged your brain with a cup of coffee, you’re ready to face some more challenges of life.” -Sahara Sanders
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Trump's clearly speaking to his base (the rest of the people can suck eggs in the Book of Trump) all the time. His presidency has been an ongoing campaign rally for a redo in the 2020 elections.

His devoted followers have always ignored the truth and messy realities in favor of their favorite bad boy, who is not afraid to look you in the eye, and lie.

He's famously claimed his inauguration crowd was the biggest of all time - despite photographic proof showing otherwise.

Trump has shamelessly gone on TV and said what Americans hear about him are lies concocted by the liberal media, despite videos showing him saying one thing, and then changing his story entirely the next day.

His minions have to go out of their way to interrupt what he said, fecklessly assuring us it's not what he meant, whenever there's considerable backlash.

All this is meat for his base.

When it comes to dirt, Trump is always open to business when it comes to receiving it on his political rivals. Even as the President of the United States who is supposed to uphold and support our laws.

Trump told ABC's George Stepanopoulos he would be open to hearing dirt on his opponents from foreign governments, coyly suggesting that there was nothing wrong with listening. He thought the idea of going to the FBI to report the interference was crazy.

I did believe him when he said he never called the FBI for anything. He's no snitch, as they say in the underworld.

A stunned FEC chairwoman, Ellen Weintraub, had to come out on twitter and remind Trump it's totally illegal to accept any help from foreign governments in our elections.

The next day Trump totally ignored reality (and the article and video proof) and simply said, "What you heard, I didn't mean. The fake media left part of it out." 

You can bet your sweet bibby his base would never fact check it, and that's all that matters.

That's an alternate reality. The scary thing is Trump is becoming bolder all the time with his amoral decisions and claims in defiance of what we see and hear.

George Orwell's 1984 anyone?

The majority of American's reluctantly had to step into the "Trump Zone" on January 2017.

 As we experience this strange journey that's straining our Constitution and credibility in the White House to the limits, we have to cling to our sanity and core beliefs until next year's election.

Here's what happens when Trump's minions actually tell him the truth...

Trump campaign to Purge Pollsters After leak of Dismal Results

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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