Sunday, May 5, 2019

'The Game of Corruption' Starring Trump and Minions

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"Coffee is a hug in a mug."-Anonymous

While hugging my mug and sipping hot coffee - my favorite way to abruptly start a day - I read (and viewed) previews of Game of Thrones

HBO's mega hit is one of the hottest topics on the Internet and the mainstream news. Inspired by these facts, I felt it was my duty to parody America's biggest reality show - the Trump administration - in a new series:

The Game of Corruption

Plot: King Trump has consolidated all the corruption in America - while ruthlessly slaying his competition along the way.

All resistance in the Kingdom of America has crumbled along with it's aging infrastructure to a shocking state of decay. King Trump's private army - The White Walkers - protect him wherever he goes.

The White Walkers - neo Nazis, Klu Klux Klansman, and white supremacists - also have a two regiments deployed on the Kingdom of America's borders with Canada, and Mexico.

Dramatic Conflict:

The majority of Americans hate the corrupt system and it's leader, but are afraid of openly revolting for fear of deadly reprisals from the Trump regime.

There are no longer states, just regions of control on the American continent that have been divided into five sections. Resistance leaders have sprung up in each section.

End Game

The resistance becomes organized enough to face - and defeat - the White Walkers in an epic battle for America's freedom. Trump is frog-walked off of Trump Tower in New York.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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