Saturday, May 4, 2019

How Long is Trump Going To Get Away With Abusing His Power?

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As usual, the news is as big an eye-opener as a couple cups of good strong coffee this morning.

Americans are faced with a Constitutional crisis over Trump's abuse of power. That's a fact. How we're dealing with the situation is another thing.

Trump and his minions have declared war on democracy by obstructing Congress at every turn. The war against democracy and truth began the day Trump slunk into office with the Russians help.

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It's practically impossible to keep up with Trump's assault against everything this country stands for on a daily basis. His corruption has infected the West Wing and members of the DOJ. Attorney General, William Barr, leads the pack of puppets willing to break laws to protect Trump.

The question becomes, how long will this war go on? 

The answer is murky because most of the abuse issues will end up in courts and could easily drag through 2020...and beyond.

One last thing to keep in mind; GOP senators have been among Trump's many enablers, doing everything they can to parrot Trump's lies and to protect him from true justice.

It's going to make an interesting read someday when historians look back at our how the U.S. Senate was cowed by a con man.

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