Monday, May 6, 2019

Unfettered By Adults: Baby Trump Tramples on Democracy

Good Day World!

"May your coffee be stronger than your toddler."-Anonymous

The best way to start a Monday is with strong coffee infused with CBD's.

Especially in the age of the towering toddler lurking in the White House with a cell phone in one tiny hand, and the launch button near the other.

When people say Trump is evil, I think they're missing the mark. Trump is a big baby that never had to grow up. Therefore, issues like good and evil are too complex for his limited intellect.

Trump is the ultimate Romper Room nightmare. Over 60 cabinet members and officials in Trump's short two years have fled - or were fired when pushed too far.

When the orange ape was elected there were Republicans who claimed he'd be presidential after the nasty elections were over. Now, they're eating crow and having to stand for the stench of Trump's soiled diapers daily.

I'm lucky there's not a union for babies. They'd be calling me and insisting that they not be compared to our liar-in-chief.

According to Washington watchers, the last adult left the West Wing in 2018, leaving Donny free to throw tantrums daily.

For a brief period of his stolen-presidency, some staffers did give him pacifiers that diverted baby Trump away from some very bad decisions/orders.

Like you'd expect, babies don't know anything about other cultures and countries. Donny is no different.

Babies can't read - There's very little evidence Trump can.

Babies cry a lot - Go to a Trump rally if you want to see someone whine and cry about imagined conspiracies.

Babies like pretty pictures - Trump's daily briefings are full of them as officials try to communicate with him.

Babies babble when trying to communicate -  Again, go to a Trump rally, or listen to him speak at news conferences.

Babies don't worry about the consequences of their actions, they just plow ahead with whatever they want to do - Just look at the last two years to confirm Trump's baby credentials.

Until someone is able to put baby Trump out of business, his tantrums will decide our foreign and domestic policies. 

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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