Thursday, May 2, 2019

Review: Senate Committee Charade 'Good Theatre'

Good Day World!

I'm ready to give a review of yesterday's theatrical performance at the Senate committee hearing.

It featured seasoned political actor, William Barr, masquerading as an unbiased Attorney General.

Meeting Notes:

Committee chairman, Lindsey (I'll kiss Trump's ass anytime) Graham, set the tenor for the charade by steering the investigation off course. 

The plot:

Instead of sticking with the reason why the committee was meeting regarding the Russians interference in the 2016 election, and how the Mueller report was handled, Graham promised to investigate Hillary Clinton and the "Deep State," in his opening statement.

It just went downhill from there, as each Republican puppet played along with that diversion.

Camera Comments:

There were some good shots of Barr sweating bullets while angrily denying facts being served up by Democratic senators. 

But Barr was more versatile than that. He demonstrated his acting chops with false bravado while being presented with evidence he was a lying shit. Some good close-ups of Barr smiling smugly for his daddy Trump were also captured.

Production values:

The setting was what you'd expect - a gaggle of politicians sitting - and coming in-and-out of the hearing constantly. Boring.

I think the setting should have been more dramatic. Maybe hints of the Roman Colosseum and the senators in red and blue togas?


There were some pretty good verbal exchanges where senators left Barr nearly speechless. Barr's performance at hair-splitting realities was worthy of the most devoted Trump puppet's praise.

The lies rolled off of Barr's tongue like honey, as he dodged every question with the tact of a true Trumpie - deny, deny, deny the lie. Even if it's been fact-checked by reputable sources.

The ending:

Got to love the dramatic ending where a Democratic senator had just nailed Barr in a lie and we were waiting for a response, when Lindsey (Trump lackey) Graham grabbed his gavel and bellowed the meeting was over!

I rate the overall performance as "good theatre," with the caveat that the upcoming Senate and House committee hearings maintain at least the same level of drama. 

Curtain down...

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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