Thursday, February 21, 2019

Three Thursday Stories Making History

Good Day World!

It took a couple of cups of coffee before I could even begin to analyze national and world events with any clarity this morning.

So much news, so little space here. A day in the Trump era has become like an instant mini-novel on corruption. 

Things that stand out in the news:

Mueller Probe Could End As Early As Next Week

Take note; this announcement comes upon the heels of William Barr being confirmed Attorney General. The question on everyone's mind is, How transparent will Barr be when the report is given to him?

I also question if this startling announcement's timing is just a coincidence or an end-around to halt the investigation and sanitize it?

Here's a particularly unsettling developing story:

Threatening U.S., Putin Promises Both Missiles and Butter

I hope someone other than me can see the irony of the upcoming meeting between Trump and Kim in Vietnam. While Trump claims to be making the USA and world safer with his excellent relationship with North Korea's bloodthirsty dictator, he's opened the door for another dictator to threaten the world.

This following story is kind of like an onion, as layers peel off with each report:

Judge Agrees To Postpone Michael Cohen's Prison Surrender Date

Let's remember Michael Cohen is slated to testify before Congress on Feb. 28th. To refresh, he was slated to speak at an earlier date and backed off because he felt Trump was threatening his family. Digest that for a moment.

After Congress promised to protect him and his family Cohen agreed to speak before the committee. This extension of his surrender date was supposed to be for medical reasons, but I think it's more likely the judge is giving him a break for testifying.

You know what? I think three stories are enough to contemplate today. There's not enough coffee in my kitchen to go on.

Enjoy your day.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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