Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Don't Tell Trump Something He Doesn't Want To Hear - Especially If It's True!

Good Day World!

In Trump's world facts are like fleas infesting his dog and pony show.

The latest reminder of Trump's inability to accept facts that go contrary to his rhetoric is the recent rumbling from his regime that the Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats, is undermining Trump by telling the truth.

When Coats testified before the Congressional committee last month he made it clear that North Korea was a direct threat to the U.S. and were never going to give up their nukes.

At the same time, Trump claimed he saved America from a nuclear war because Obama was ready to strike against North Korea, by using his masterful statesmanship to stave off the possibility.

In reality, Trump's historic meeting with Kim was nothing more than the usual dog and pony show that resulted in zero agreements.

The word in Washington is never tell Trump something he doesn't want to hear. Heads have rolled for lesser offenses.
When Coats told the truth in the hearing Trump immediately tried to make him walk it back after calling him in to the Oval Office for a scolding.

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Another example currently in the news, comes from Andrew McCabe who told Scott Pelley on "60 Minutes" that Trump believed Putin more than his own intelligence community and told them that in no uncertain terms.

Trump's rejection of reality should be just cause for invoking the 25th Amendment. There's even a possibility it could happen in the near future, with the preponderance of facts supporting he's as crazy as a rabid dog.

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