Sunday, March 4, 2018

Moments of Stupidity Showcased This Sunday

Good Day World!

We all know that stupidity stalks our society like a pissed-off honey badger.

There's idiots everywhere we turn.

There should be a Hall of Shame for Stupid People. There isn't however, to the best of my knowledge. Here's a few recent examples:

In Arizona last week, two people were running from the law and ran smack dab into the parking lot of the local police precinct - a large, well lit, sign clearly stated "Peoria Police." 

The clueless couple then hopped a fence which landed them in a secure area of the department, where several officers were in training at that moment! Oops!

They were both charged with multiple felony counts.

Stupidity finds a home when it comes to our politicians. The stupid/pedophile contingent in Kentucky's state senate stopped a bill that would make it illegal to wed girls at 13 years-old.

 Known as the Child Bride Bill, Senate Bill 48, (outlaw child marriage) was pulled off the agenda hours before a scheduled vote Friday.

It's the second time in a week the bill has been stalled. Kentucky has the 3rd highest rate of child-marriages (Texas is 1st, and Florida comes in 2nd) in the nation.

It's more than apparent, there are some stupid people - with clout - in Kentucky's Senate. Anywhere else in the nation it would be called a rape.

When it comes to stupid, Trump leads the way. Just check his daily comments.

He recently got mad - issuing a tweetstorm - at actor Alex Baldwin (who imitates him on SNL), while Putin ratcheted up a new Cold War on the same day as Trumps Baldwin tweet; bragging about nukes that could hit our mainland at any time.

That should be enough for today. I came not to salute stupidity, but to share it's pervasiveness in our world.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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