Sunday, December 23, 2018

Trump's Space Force Set To Intercept Illegal Alien Bearing Gifts

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It's been tense today. 

Trump's tantrums have been volcanic in recent days and now he's swearing "No damn illegal immigrant is going to get past his Space Force carrying questionable cargo."

Meanwhile, somewhere in the North Pole, Santa Claus has contacted the White House and is hoping there will be an adult to talk with along with Trump. No luck.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders told Santa Claus that the administration needs to inspect his bags full of gifts, and that he needs to apply for a temporary Visa to distribute them.

Looking evil in a green elf costume, Stephen Miller and a clutch of Trump minions set up a border ice wall in Alaska where Santa Claus must report to.

Upon hearing the outrageous news, the rest of the countries in the world all rallied for Santa Claus, demanding Trump knock off the bullshit and let Santa do what he's always done.

Despite the international plea for the jolly old elf and all the cheer he spreads, Trump has remained determined to destroy Christmas, according to White House Spokesperson (and sociopath) Kellyanne Conway.

"The president believes in tariffs and he's not going to let all those gifts enter the country illegally. As for the VISA, Santa will have to be vetted and we're not sure how long that will take."

Reporter: "Kellyanne, is it true that Trump's Space Force will be scrambling in the skies over America on Christmas Eve?"

Conway: "That all depends..."

Reporter: "On what?"

Conway: "If Santa decides to be compliant at our Alaska Border."

Reporter: "Why is the president doing this?"

Conway: "Doing what? He's looking out for our best interests. Just look at our booming economy...

Reporter: Statistics just out shows this December has been the worst time for the stock market since the Great Depression in 1931..." 

Conway: "...and the world is safer now than it's ever been before...

Reporter: "How's that  possible when Secretary of Defense Gen. James Mattis, suddenly quit because Trump abruptly called for an immediate retreat out of Syria? 

Conway:"That's all for now libtards! We'll just come up with a new holiday!"

The suspense mounts...

TV Reporter; "The skies are dark this night before Christmas Eve. Dark with the threat that looms above...Trump's Space Force on patrol..."

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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