Friday, December 28, 2018

6 Things That Most Americans Don't Want To See in 2019

Good Day World!

It's good to put limits on some things.

Like how long one's readership will dwell on a post before moving on to something more entertaining.

Here's six things Americans don't want to see next year:

1) A long government shutdown. It's already been bad enough for 800,000 federal employees without having to deal with Trump's temper tantrum over the wall for an extended period of time.

2) Congress has been kicking immigration reform around for years. People are tired of hearing about children dying in caged camps, and families being separated. No one wants to see the misery continue without resolution.

3) Americans are sick of the chaos in the White House. They're sick of the corrupt Cabinet members who keep recycling through the West Wing, and they're sick of Trump's lies.

4) Most Americans, and lawmakers, support special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian investigation, and don't want to see it meddled with by the president, or any of his partisan minions.

5) 2018 was such a divisive year for Americans that our very democratic foundation was rocked. The majority of Americans hope the hate rhetoric and polarization between political parties will be toned down a few scales in 2019.

6) Most Americans were embarrassed by Trump's foreign relation policy of adoring authoritarian world leaders, and pulling out from a world organizations we've been partners with since post WW II. The last thing they want is to see a repeat of 2018.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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