Saturday, December 22, 2018

Trump Christmas Gifts This Year Infuriate Congress But Motivate His Base

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It's that time of year for Trump's base and authoritarian governments, when Donny passes out gifts to everyone whose been naughty.

When Trump woke up the other day with a new vision of chaos, he surprised the world and announced America has defeated ISIS and he was bringing our troops home.

The problem with that is Congress and the Pentagon were stunned to hear the news that morning. No one in the government was prepared for Donny's bombshell.

The reason Trump threw that poisonous tidbit out was to divert from all the news lately about his (and his family's) corruption. 

More investigations into his regime and presidential campaign were harshing his high and he needed a diversion that would get every ones attention.

Like Bush so infamously said on an aircraft carrier once, "Mission Accomplished" regarding ISIS and Iraq. Donny's replay reads pretty much the same when he said "ISIS is defeated and it's time to go home. We won." 

That claim flies in the face of facts which show otherwise. In Trump's sick mind anything that can divert the news away from the multiple investigations against him is fair game.

To prove his hypocrisy rating Trump went from owning a shutdown over his wall, to claiming it's the Democrats fault after the shutdown happened.

Facts be damned. That's why the last adult in Trump's cabinet, General Mattis, resigned this week. Trump had stopped taking his advise this year and Mattis couldn't hang with that.

Trump's desperate move to divert attention from his problems was the last straw for Mattis. Congress groaned. For the most part even GOP lawmakers were stunned and outraged.

Meanwhile Trump's puppet master Putin, is congratulating his prize puppet, and Syria's dictator also was pleased with Trump's Christmas present...Syria.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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