Sunday, December 16, 2018

Americans Were Warned Of Biggest Threat To Democracy 269-Years Ago

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Let's take a look at the man that became the Nostradamus of Politics, Denis Diderot, whose political predictions were eerily accurate.

Diderot authored some of the century's most influential political writing, much of it now strikingly prescient in the Age of Trump.

It was Diderot's contention that the real threat to American democracy would not come from foreign powers: it would stem from within, from unbridled luxury, class tensions, political corruption and, in the worst case scenario, from the rise of a cynical autocrat who would turn his back on the founding values of the Republic.

Diderot's life had been devoted trying to get Kings and Queens of countries to treat their subjects better. To his dismay after years of scholarly papers and speeches nothing changed.

He admired the fledgling new country of America, and the ideals and values it stood for. Before he died in 1784, he wrote an article warning Americans to be vigilant of their newfound freedoms. 

The following quote holds particular relevance to Americans today. See what you think:

"People of North America, may the example of all those nations that have preceded you, and especially that of your motherland, instruct you. Beware of the affluence of gold that brings with it the corruption of morals and the scorn of laws: beware of an unbalanced distribution of wealth that will give rise to a small number of opulent citizens and a hoard of citizens in poverty, a situation that will engender the insolence of some and the deprivation of others."

If France's monarchy would have listened to his advise the French Revolution may never have happened. Who knows?

The message for us today is to pay heed to Diderot's warning and to hold Trump and his minions accountable now.

That won't solve all the problems in our society. We'll still have to contend with corporations that continue to exploit people, but cleaning out the trash in the White House will be a good first step.

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

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