Thursday, December 20, 2018

Today's Good Mood Is Sponsored By Justice

Good Day World!

I'm feeling pleasantly buzzed this month, and it's not because of my daily cannabis-infused coffee, or even Christmas.

The feeling that relief is coming for our embattled democracy has me smiling and more hopeful than anytime in the last two tortured years under Trump's regime.

High Crimes and Corruption:

(Video) Trump Faces Investigations from All Angles

(Video & article) Democrats Will Probe Trump Organization Projects in the Dominican Republic, Around the Globe 

(Video and article) Trump Signed Letter of Intent For Trump Tower Project Despite Giuliani  Insisting He Didn't

(Video and article) Think the Trump Foundation Case Is Over With? Think Again.

(Video and article) The Walls Are Closing in on Donald Trump

(Video and article) Trump-Russia: Here Are The Two Meetings Congress Must Investigate First 

(Video and article) Senate Democrats Renew Call For Investigation Into Whether Trump Mar-A- Lago Associates Influenced VA Decisions

Just to see how well Trump is thought of in the international community you have to check this out:

(Video and article) Dermophis DonaldTrumpi: Worm-Like Amphibian Named After Donald Trump As It Might Become Extinct From Climate Change

Another Court Setback in December For Trump:

(Article) Federal Judge Strikes Down Trump Asylum Rules For Domestic and Gang Violence for Victims

I could go on citing all the trouble Trump and many of his minions are in, but I think you've got the idea why I'm feeling buzzed by the justice system...

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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