Saturday, December 15, 2018

Holiday Mystery and Miracles

This Couple saved Christmas (more below) CNN Photo

                                          Good Day World!

Let's start this Saturday off with a feel good story that caught my eye yesterday:

A Thief Stole Gifts Meant For Thousands of Kids. Then This Couple Raised $45,000 To Save Christmas

It's these kind of stories that give us all hope for mankind. A tiny miracle, if you will.

We all know that 2018 has been a rough year. With so much negative news every day most Americans are becoming shell-shocked. 

That's why we all need a positive infusion of news. Here's a collection of the 20 Best Feel-Good Stories For 2018

Now for the mystery part.

Something strange happened at a DC federal courthouse yesterday.

An entire floor was shut down with no explanation for an hour.

Security officers, offering no explanation, cleared the appeals courtroom, allowing only about a dozen law clerks working for federal judges to stay behind.

They also cleared the the vestibule to the courtroom and checked the coat closet where attorneys coming to listen to arguments stash their belongings. 

They locked the door leading to the attorneys' lounge on that floor and shooed the more than 20 reporters prowling the hall away from the elevator bank and told them to vacate the nearby stairwells.

At one point, even an elevator wouldn't open its doors on the fifth floor.

When I first heard this, my reaction was..."did El Chapo's trial suddenly get moved?" 

But no.

It was something even bigger than El Chapo. Turned out Mueller's team was there holding a secret and mysterious argument about a grand jury subpoena challenge.

Now who do you suppose is challenging a subpoena and why all the heavy-handed secrecy?

I'll just call it a holiday mystery for now. One which will hopefully be revealed to us all someday.

Just a wild thought...I'll bet it's Trump!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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