Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Trying To 'Stay Real' In The Trump Era

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In a true reflection of the times we live in, lying has become so common it's actually muddying truth into an afterthought in our public discourse.

The leader of lies, and unfortunately our country, has set a precedent for flagrant falsehoods that even the alt-right have to admit are pure propaganda.

Since Trump stole the 2016 election (with Putin's help) fact-checkers have been following his daily parade of lies (last count he's averaging seven per day).

My point is it's not easy being "real" in this new era of fabrication fostered by a reality show star. Being "real" includes telling the truth, and not claiming to be someone who you're not. Like the orange anus in the Oval Office for example.

Republicans have elected to '"go low" with Trump these midterms. The political adverts are "over the top" as state GOP politicians mimic their master.

When it comes to attack ads, both parties spend too much money and time on them. Most people are repelled when a candidate says he's going to kick his opponent in the face with golf spikes.

Nevertheless, this election cycle is seeing decades of past political attack ads boiled down to state-of-the-art shit-throwing.

A prime attack advert shows six of ten siblings of an Arizona Republican running for reelection throwing their weight behind his Democratic challenger. Now, that's cold.

Apparently the family of Rep. Paul Gosar didn't think he was "being real."

Is Beto-O' Rourke real? This young Democrat has shattered fundraising records, and fills stadiums with eager audiences.

He's not giving the money Texans raised for him to the Democratic National Party (like other members with riches too spare), and has said he's spending it all on his campaign. I personally love that kind of independent approach. 

It sounds like something Texans could respect. O' Roarke has run an outstanding grass roots campaign. But, will all that money and popularity translate into a victory in the heart of red Texas?

Being real - for those Americans who've forgotten what it means - is simply telling the truth and being yourself.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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