Friday, October 19, 2018

In Case You Think There's Adults in the White House, Read This

Good Day World!

In all fairness, the Trump regime had a few adults when they infected Washington DC shortly after the presidential election follies of 2016.

Those adults, whose names are long forgotten, have slunk away to obscurity and hopefully peace in their last days. For the first year it was kinda fun watching the evolving carnage as one staffer after another left in disgrace and personal defeat.

As Trump's second year rolled around, it became obvious that the chaos in the West Wing was actually getting worse. Political pundits opined that the last adult left standing was chief of staff John Kelly.

Within months it was apparent not even a Marine Corps four-star general could control the "romper room" that the White House had become under the biggest baby of them all...Trump.

Just yesterday, Kelly and national security advisor, John Bolton, got into a real pissing match that left insiders thinking that one, or the other, might resign. 

Trump got involved and sided with Bolton about closing our southern border to immigrants, as reports of an immigrant caravan heading to the US from Central America came in. After Kelly tried to be the adult in the room for one last time, a line might have been crossed.  

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the propaganda minister for the White House has basically melted into the shadows and is no longer holding White House Press briefings.

I suspect the daily lying finally got through to whatever Christian principals she still has left. No surprise here if she resigns before the year ends.

Here's an article dealing with the rapidly vanishing Sanders that you may find particularly interesting.

When I saw photos of the baby Trump blimp floating over a rally in Florida the other day it was a defining moment. 

Americans are aware that a bad-tempered baby with a heavy diaper, rules in Washington and is fouling discourse in our society.

I suspect we'll see more Trump Baby blimps in the remaining days before November 6. 

Please...get out and vote in the midterms. We need a change and this is the only way to make it happen!

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

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