Sunday, October 14, 2018

Sunday Thoughts: Another Crazy Week Ahead

© Getty Images Trump 'baby blimp' flies over Chicago women’s rally ahead of midterms

                                           Good Day World!

After sipping my cannabis-infused coffee this morning, I tried to digest last weeks news. 

But no! My euphoria state of mind took a lazy turn towards the upcoming week in spite of myself. Trying to diagnose a day in the Trump era, let alone a week, is a losing exercise. I know this, but can't help myself...

Images from last week...

*(Scene) A mentally-challenged rapper hugging Trump in the Oval Office and ranting on for ten minutes that left everyone watching speechless...even Trump himself! 

*Pennsylvania GOP gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner threatens to put golf shoes with cleats on and walk all over his opponent's (Gov Tom Wolf) face. 

*Then there was the self-described "Communists" who tried to donate money to a Democrat's campaign. Fail. They were actually GOP activists hoping to get some shit going to derail their opponent. 

This coming week...

Things to watch for: How's Trump going to handle the crisis brought on by the Saudis who assassinated a Washington Post reporter? He told 60 Minutes there would be severe punishment for the Saudis, if I turns out there's no doubt they killed a critic of their crown prince.

The interesting part here is Trump's version of a severe punishment. You can bet it doesn't include stopping arm sales with the kingdom. Be ready for a growing rift between Trump and Congress over how to handle the situation.

*Look for more Trump rallies. They're really presidential campaign rallies for 2020 disguised as rallies for Republican candidates running for office.

*You think some of last weeks campaign ads were nasty? You haven't seen anything yet. I predict the GOP's ad campaign will go so low this next week some GOP party members will be shocked.

*Don't be surprised if you see more protests from women activists this week. After Saturday's rally at Grant's Park, Illinois to turn out the vote, I expect similar rallies will take place in the week ahead.

*Crackdown in Georgia - Last week The Associated Press discovered that Georgia has 53,000 applicants in limbo. Over 70 percent were African-American.

Civil rights groups sued Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, the Republican candidate for governor who also oversees elections in the state, saying the method his office uses to verify new voter registrations is discriminatory.

Expect some more action this coming week, as Kemp continues to try and game the system.

*Finally I predict dollops of midterm madness throughout the week. 

Examples: Who says the biggest whopper? 
Who made the most outlandish campaign claim? 
Who got outed for campaign violations or sexual harassment charges?
Who made the most over-the-top threat to an opponent? 

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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