Sunday, October 7, 2018

Kavanaugh Was Confirmed Because Democrats Brought Clubs To A Gunfight

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There was never really a doubt Kavanaugh would be confirmed as a Supreme Court judge.

It was preordained when he went to an elite high school and college, and was taken under the wing of the alt right organization the Federalist Society. He was groomed like a prostitute by a pimp.

From the start, the GOP hid a major part of Kavanaugh's history, and only grudgingly gave up tidbits as they were publicly called out for their partisan obstruction tactics. When Democrats tried to pursue more information about Kavanaugh's time serving the Bush Administration they were stonewalled.

When records were produced showing Kavanaugh was aware of his mentor Judge Kozinski's harassment of female clerks, chairman "Ass Face" Grassley, claimed further information on the subject was not for public consumption.

What happened next was a disaster for the Democrats. After holding a "he said, she said" farce of a hearing, the whole process blew up into a giant debacle.

Republicans, with help from Trump, attacked Kavanaugh's accuser Dr. Ford, like a school of piranhas at feeding time. Trump mocked her at a rally and his base bought into the bullshit he was putting out.

It was a great moment for Trump, dividing people again...this time using gender as a weapon. It worked. After severely limiting the FBI's scope to investigate Dr. Ford's allegations, the Republicans were home free with their supreme coup.

It wasn't bloodless coup however. There will be ramifications in the midterms. 

While it still looks good for the Democrats to take the House back, their chances of getting back the Senate are slimmer. The odds were against it from the start, but the Kavanaugh backlash did motivate the Republican base. How motivated, we won't know until the elections.

It also motivated the Democratic base to turn out and vote. It would take a record turnout to get the Senate back. More Democrats are defending open seats than the Republicans are.

Memo to the Democratic Party: don't bring books to a boxing match; don't bring clubs to a gunfight, and for the sake of the American people, come up with a unified Big Message to counter the Republicans challenge to our democracy.

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