Tuesday, October 9, 2018

'Me Too Movement' Takes On Patriarchal Hierarchy in Congress

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Congress is the elite of "good old boys" clubs in America.

Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation was a clear reaffirmation of that fact.

It was a reminder to all women there was more important business to be done: there were ideological agendas that needed to be advanced, and political careers that needed to be protected.

The whole process was rigged from the very start as the Republicans refused to turn over all of Kavanaugh's history while serving under President Bush.

When things heated up after Dr. Ford came out with a sexual assault charge against Kavanaugh, chairman Grassley and Trump made sure the process was poisoned.

With every new revelation, with every apparent lie Kavanaugh told during his testimony, there was always an underlying sense of futility. 

Deep down, we all saw what was unfolding. We sensed the inevitable outcome, but were still shocked when Kavanaugh was finally confirmed. It was like helplessly watching an oncoming train wreck.

Women across the country marched and said, "Me Too," and the Republicans said "So, what?"

Here's so what: we're now going to have a Supreme Court justice who was accused of sexual assault (which was covered up by Grassley and his ass hats) and exposing himself to another woman.

This creep is going to preside over the reproductive rights of women until the end of his natural life, if he so chooses. Americans are stuck with a far, far right court that will undermine women and promote corporations.

Americans like to believe they're virtuous defenders of women's rights. The reality is women are still marginalized in our government and the workplace.

To get any meaningful change, to really challenge the patriarchal hierarchy, women need to make big inroads during the upcoming midterms. Taking The House back looks possible.

The Me Too Movement is real. The fury women across this country feel, is real. Taking The House back is only the first step in restoring true democracy in our crippled Congress.

Please...don't forget to register to vote, if you haven't yet. Your vote has never been more important.

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