Monday, October 8, 2018

Drunken Birds, Supreme Turds, and Angry Words

Good Day World!

In northeastern Minnesota they're stumbling along tree branches, and falling out of trees. 

The residents of Gilbert, a city of about 1,800 people, have seen it before.

Birds getting drunk on berries that fermented as a result of an early frost.

Locals are warned when the birds get drunk to try and avoid them, but it's nearly impossible when a drunk Waxwing slams into your windshield. 

The good news is most of the drunken birds will recover and be ready for the next frost! 


The country is still reeling after the Republicans Supreme Court coup. With the addition of Brett Kavanaugh to the highest court of the land, the far, far right, has another champion to go with Neil Gorsuch. 

Worse, the credibility of the Supreme Court, is being questioned by millions of Americans who witnessed the confirmation chaos last week and saw Kavanaugh's naked hatred of liberals spew out in a moment of truth. 

His partisanship is no longer in doubt. He's a conservative stooge of Trump and his minions.


Speaking of our liar in chief, he's managed to ignite a gender war in the last week.

With women coming out with their stories during the current Me Too Movement, the orange anus twisted the storyline by mocking Kavanaugh's accuser and making men look like the victims...instead of women.

The question is, are the Republicans going to pay a price in the midterms? Will the Democrats impeach Kavanaugh when they take The House back, even though it's unlikely the Senate would support it?

Or, are they (as I recommend) going to start investigations into Trump's obstruction of justice, emoluments violations, and exposing his IRS records?

We'll find out 31 days from now. Make sure you get out and vote. Democracy is counting on you.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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