Monday, July 16, 2018

Democrats Need To Emphasis Issues and Avoid Trump's Trap

Quote by Steve Bannon:
"I can't get enough of the left's race-indemnity politics. The longer they talk about identity politics, I got em...I want them to talk about race and identity every day."

Good Day World!

Democrats have fallen into Trump's trap.

They've sunk to Trump's level and have become as rude as the Republicans in their partisan battles. Trump has created a scenario of "Us" against "Them" to build up his voter base. It's a common demagogue ploy from the Small Penis Size Dictator's Handbook.

Liberals have chosen to demonize Trump and his followers. Pointing out Trump's lies is one thing, but attacking the people who voted for him is another.

Think about this: if the leader of your identity group is attacked, then chances are you'll feel personally attacked and will defend the leader, even if he is a serial liar and womanizer.

By engaging their fellow Americans in an uncivil war, the Democrats have firmed up the communication gap between the two sides. Attacking Trump daily only strengthens his position with those Americans who voted for him.

The ultimate goal for Democrats should be insuring the compatibility of diversity and democracy by setting standards of civility, and following them. Sinking to Trump's level has not helped the Democrats cause.

I know there's a lot anger out there. Most Americans believe Trump is a serial liar. I attack Trump often in this blog, more out of irritation than anything. When it comes to politics it's hard to remain neutral. I understand that.

Yet, that is what is going to have to happen if America is going to continue being the land of the free for everyone. Midterm Democrats need to bring up issues that are relevant in their states - and stay away from national politics. There's nothing wrong in stating their positions on national issues, as long as their emphasis remains on their constituents.  

It doesn't help using Trumpian attack politics against conservatives. First, it's a waste of time, and secondly it bonds them better than super glue. Not too mention, I think people are getting sick and tired of the outright animosity among politicians.

A quick look at congress, and it's miserable 11 percent approval rating from the majority of Americans, is evidence of that.

The Democratic party is coming to a crossroads as traditionalists knock heads with the new progressive left wing. Not only are they going to have to get "on message" for the midterms, the 2020 elections are drawing near with no champion leading the liberals. 
The Democrats 2016 model needs updating. If I were a politician, (which I have too much integrity for) I would change my campaigning tactics to get the most mileage out of it. 

But, I'm not, and this blog is my release valve. Holding Trump and cronies up to the light of truth helps me get by every day in the Trump era.   

Time for me to walk on down the road...

politics is a fight between clearly bounded identity groups, appeals and threats to group identity will benefit Republicans more than Democrats,

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