Sunday, July 29, 2018

Lying, Corruption, Treason: GOP Rep.Issa Say's It's OK in Politics

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So how are GOP members doing damage control over the latest news that Trump knew about the infamous Trump Tower meeting?

One of the "Brown-Nose Squad" of GOP Lawmakers told a reporter yesterday that "There are just some things in politics you take for granted," in reference to Trump getting caught lying again. 

GOP Rep. Issa was defending Trump in a Fox News interview with Neil Cavuto, where he blew off the news of Trump's lie and suggested it was nothing unusual in politics.

I have to agree lying in politics is akin to fish and water, but that's not something to be proud of. 

What Issa and other weak-kneed DC lawmakers have in common, is they're so afraid of Trump they're willing to eat his shit with a dash of salt to keep their jobs.

Instead of responding to the news that Trump knew all about the infamous meeting and has been lying to the public, Issa employed the GOP spin machine and went after Trump's ex-fixer Cohen who exposed Trump.

It's getting harder by the day for Trump supporters who are starting to see all of his illegal activities coming home to roost in the White House.

It's looking worse for the Trump camp in the Mueller investigation as more evidence continues to crop up.

Ranging from campaign violations with a porn star and a playboy model, to an investigation into the Trump Foundation for violations, and the emoluments charge advancing through the court, are just a sampling of what lies ahead before the midterms.

It should be interesting to see how assholes like Issa fare in the midterms. Many other Republicans are also taking a chance by holding onto Trump's diaper to get voters.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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