Monday, July 30, 2018

Does Pompeo Know About The 'Pee-Pee' Tapes?

Good Day World!

I'm still trying to process the meeting between America's Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and congressional lawmakers. 

I have come to a few conclusions, however.

1) Pompeo doesn't know what was said between Trump and Putin in private for over two hours.

2) Pompeo has discovered with his CIA connections, that there is a "Pee-Pee" tape (Trump and prostitute action), and he doesn't want to be the one to confirm it.

3) Pompeo can smile while eating shit! It's an amazing ability that has kept him in Donny's good graces. Even when he was angry at pointed questions being asked...he smiled. 

That's scary. He might be an advanced cyborg because most humans don't do that. (With the exception of psychopaths of course) 

It's safe to conclude that:

1) Pompeo will do, or say, anything to keep his job.

2) He has no balls.

3) Pompeo is a member of the Neutered Trump Team backed by one of the many dark money PACs pumping cash into Trump's propaganda machine.

4) Any credibility Pompeo built up leading the CIA, has disappeared in the fog of Trumpism he's embraced.

The chance that anyone will ever learn what was said between Putin and Trump is miniscule. As I read the Russian reports of the "Surrender in Helsinki" it was apparent Putin was pleased with the meeting.

So was Donny. That's why our republic and democracy itself is in danger today. It's all about Trump First.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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