Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Wall Street Alert: Trump Corners Market on Lying

Good Day World!

Donny has done it. I never doubted he could, and would.

Wall Street news today: Trump has cornered the market on lying.

Trump lies about Russian investigation seven times in one tweet

Trump Continues Campaign of telling lies and blowing smoke

Trump Lies; Why Should We believe His latest denials?

Psychologist Explains Trumps Lies, Reversals

Spicer Offers Pathetic Excuses for Lying for Trump

Trump Told 3251 Lies in 497 Days 

A Collection of Trump's Lies Since Stealing Office

Do you want to know what kinds of dividends Donny's monopoly on lies will bring? 

Pick one (or more) of the following dividends Trump is going to reap for his serial lying:

1. Impeachment
2. Jail Time
3. A Place in History, as the worst president we've ever had.
4. Massive embarrassment/ridicule for the rest of his life.
5. A place in the latest edition of Webster's Dictionary under Liars. As in "world class liars."

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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