Monday, June 4, 2018

Going 'Viral' On The Internet Is Not That Hard To Do

                                            Good Day World!

People will watch anything. Especially if its short, controversial, sensational, or idiotic.

Having said that, I watched a clip of a video showing a crayfish lop off it's own claw to escape a pot of boiling soup the other day.

The footage showed a crustacean making a bid for freedom at a restaurant in China. It was posted on China's version of Facebook...Weibo. The guy who posted it adopted the crayfish as a pet.

And now the crayfish is a online hero in a Communist country that eats the little buggers in a savory spice sauce. Odd? Not in today's world of social media.

The easiest ways to shoot viral videos is to capture a crime in progress; record police brutality; record a white supremacist speaking at a college; record road rage; record neighbors fighting; post photos of teenage girls pouting in silly selfies; and animals doing just about anything!

I've just given you The Handbook for Dummy's Who Want Their Post To Go Viral, free of charge. No need to thank me. Just performing a public service.

There's no need to be left behind those popular posts when you go on the internet. Just remember: there's no rules. Only your own imagination holds you back.

I admit, there's one thing I'd like to see go viral...common sense!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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