Thursday, June 7, 2018

Trump: Ready, Aim, Fire, At America's Friends!

Good Day World!

That's it.

Trump's tariff's against Mexico, Canada, and The European Union (EU) is the opening salvo of a trade war.

His preposterous claim that the tariffs are being imposed for national security reasons are - as Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau commented - an insult.

Trump demonstrated his historical knowledge in a phone call with Trudeau when he made a snide remark regarding Canadians - "Weren't you the guys that burned the White House down in 1812?"

There's no word of Trudeau's response, but he had to be thinking the same think I am: Wow! The asshole doesn't even know it was Great Britain fighting us in the war of 1812.

Trump is treating our closest allies like enemies. His budding bromance with France's Emmanuel Macron - fun fact: he's talked more with Macron than any other world leader thus far - is wilting rapidly as Macron lashed back at him over the tariffs.

He promised his country would retaliate and urged the EU do the same thing. He also warned about the dangers of Trump's extreme nationalism, and what it means to the world economy.

The EU Commission President Jean Claude Juncker, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have also promised to retaliate against the tariffs. They all know it's protectionism, "pure and simple," as Juncker put it.

Instead of going after China - the real bad actor in the trade wars - Trump has chosen to go after our allies like a honey badger on meth.

The real pisser here is Americans are going to feel the effects of this trade war where it hurts the most - our pocket books. Prices on products throughout the spectrum will go up.

The EU is purposely targeting products in states where Trump supporters live in greater numbers. Message sent. 

This is going to be a nasty.

Just the way Trump likes it.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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