Sunday, April 8, 2018

It's What Happening Behind The Scenes That Worries Me

Good Day World!

As long as Trump continues to tweet I get a sense of what's driving the moron. 

It's what's happening behind closed doors in the Oval Office that worries me.

When Trump didn't let any reporters into the Oval Office when he was talking to two Russian officials a while back, it was a signal that he didn't want Americans to know what he was really talking to them about.

No members of his staff or security team were present. Afterwards, Trump let Russian photographers take photos and distribute them to American reporters who were banned from covering the meeting.

That's just one situation that happens to be documented.

Imagine what's going on with the secret discussions with the North Koreans about planning a summit where both dictators can meet and compare hand size!

There's nothing Trump enjoys more than secret meetings. He has a career built upon dark secrets, lies, and associating with known Mafia figures during his casino days.

I suspect the North Koreans are going to make fools of Trump's negotiators, and the Liar-in-Chief if he ever does sit down with Rocket Man.

For the record, Rocket Man has been playing this game a lot longer than Donny! Throwing a new asshole into the equation like John Bolton almost guarantees things are not going to go well.

Bolton's loyalties lie with, his mustache, Trump, and fellow warmongers.

The thought of Trump and Bolton behind closed doors is chilling.

To add a cherry on top of my concern, when Trump gets rid of Chief-of-Staff Kelly there won't be any more adults in the room.

Last week it was like Godzilla unleashed, as Trump attacked everything and everyone, finally calling out the National Guard because he wants us to believe we're being invaded by hoards of rapist Hispanics!

The fact is, Donny was pissed off that he didn't get enough money for his Wall in the new budget, so he decided to pander to his fear-stricken base and call out the military to line our southern border.

In the end, Don the Con, has no conscience or morals. It's about personally winning, and if he has to do that behind closed problem!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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