Saturday, April 7, 2018

Trump vs Immigration Judges: Bribery is Going to Force Quotas

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Repressive nations all have one thing in common: a lack of an independent judiciary.

Trump, and his puppet Sessions, have become a genuine threat to the independence of our immigration bench.

That's because immigration judges are part of the executive branch, unlike the federal district courts and courts of appeal. Article III of the Constitution guarantees the complete independence of those courts, but not for immigration judges. 

Knowing this was a loophole that could be exploited, Trump puppet, Sessions, is intent on imposing a quota system on federal immigration judges, tying their annual evaluations to the number of cases they decide in a year.

It's common knowledge among judges that in the immigration system it's easier, and faster, to deport immigrants than to hold hearings to determine if they can stay.

Under Sessions watchful eye, judges who try 700 or more cases a year will get good evaluations. Those judges under that number risk getting poor evaluations.

There's a principle that has been a hallmark or our legal culture: the president shouldn't be able to tell judges what to do.

Trump, the disruptor, could care less. His battle with federal judges has been ongoing, and his disdain for our legal system is no secret. He's proud of it.

Due process requires that judges are free from political influence. Trump's idea of assembly-line justice is a mockery of our whole legal system.

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