Thursday, May 11, 2017

Trump Meets With 2 Top Russian Officials: American Press Not Invited! That's for Starters...

Good Day World!

You've got to be kidding me!

The Day Trump fires FBI Director Comey he meets with top Russian operatives aka Foreign Minister Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Kislyak at the White House.

Remember Kislyak? He met with Jeff Sessions, Michael Flynn, and Jared Kushner, to name a few of Trump's transition team.

And the American press was not allowed to attend! What the hell was that about? The Russians were given full access to their little love fest and video-taped the event.

Then they were nice enough to share photos with the American press. Optics anyone! Could it be any worse? Yes it could.

The excuses for firing Comey were flimsy, raising suspicions among Republicans and Democrats who called for an independent investigation after seeing what happened to Comey.

Trump's attempt to derail the FBI's investigation was a desperate move that's going to backfire on him. The ghosts of Watergate are once again stalking the White House.

Expect Trump do do everything he can to continue diverting all the investigations regarding his ties to Russia. 

Especially keep an eye on the Senate Intelligence Committee that is now investigating Trump and his top aides finances.

I always say "go to the source" and money surely is the common denominator between Trump and the Russians.

If the committee manages to examine Trump's tax statements that could be all she wrote for our first illegitimate president.

Until then Trump will be consolidating his power like a third world dictator. The check and balances in our government are being pissed on by Trump and his minions.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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