Friday, May 12, 2017

Senate Intelligence Committee Looking At Trump, Top Aides Finances, Russian Mob Connections

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The Senate Intelligence Committee is taking the most direct path to expose collusion between Russia, Trump, and his top aides.

They are following the money. 

Who bought what, when? Was there a money laundering scheme going on?

How Donny Little Hands managed to get elected with his proven past associations with Russian mafia figures (they lived in Trump Tower for years before finally getting busted) I'll never know.

Who vetted Trump when he ran? Obviously no one. 

So far Rump has managed to get away with not revealing his taxes. Hopefully this Senate committee will have the power to examine them and his financial dealings with Russia. 

Americans are becoming use to watching Don the Con and his family take advantage of their positions to promote their products.

The Kushner's use of "Golden Visas" for wealthy Chinese is only one example.

The scary part is Rump is systematically firing any government opposition to his (and his family's) agendas.

His recent firing of FBI director James Comey was a desperate attempt to derail the FBI's investigation on him and his top aides.

Trump Told He Would Not Be Greeted Warmly at FBI:Officials

You can bet Comey's replacement will have to be ready to kiss Trump's ass from day one. To do otherwise would assure he would have a short career.

However, it's looking like there's a chance to expose Dump's corruption via the Senate Intelligence Committee which has managed to take a bipartisan line thus far (with the exception of a few Republicans). 

When the Senate Intelligence Committee's report on Trump's financial connections to Russia and the Russian Mafia is released don't be surprised if Chump squalls like a scalded cat. 

Hopefully, it will put an end to his toxic regime before it totally pollutes our democracy.

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

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