Monday, November 13, 2017

Wilber Ross's Corruption Fits In Nicely With Trump's White House

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Wilber Ross was a perfect fit.

That's why Trump nominated him to be Secretary of Commerce.

His job qualifications ranged from being a billionaire, to a chronic liar.

Oh yeah...he had no trouble pledging undying loyalty to Trump. He didn't just kiss Donnie's ring, he kissed his ass...repeatedly.

Why did Wilber take issue with Forbes Magazine dropping him off the Forbes 400 list last year? Because he listed his assets at $2 billion dollars more than could be verified.

Dropping off that list was a blow to Wilbur's ego and future business dealings. But Wilbur wouldn't clarify where the missing 2 billion was.

Because Wilbur was (and is) a loyal Trumpie, his memory seems to be spotty when being asked questions about his past business life.

When the Paradise Papers were released, lo and behold! Wilbur had a lot of money stashed in Bermuda and was still a partner in a company (Navigator) that had direct ties to Putin.

It's that Russia thing. Donny and all of his cronies love their Russian partners. Especially wealthy Russian partners.

Speaking of The Paradise Papers, their revelations come as Trump is vowing to reform the U.S. tax system to benefit the middle class.

But the Republican tax bill proposed last week includes some loopholes such as allowing deferred foreign income to qualify for a tax rate as low as 5 percent.

It's Wilbur's ability to lie - even under oath - that endears him to Donny. Like during his confirmation when Wilbur failed to list 19 key items on his questionnaire.

Here's a fun idea, count how many Trumpies will benefit from the new Tax Reform bill? Remember, don't forget Wilbur.

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