Friday, November 3, 2017

Do 'Minions' Know They're 'Minions?'

Good Day World!

As I watch our democracy being systematically dismantled by Trump's minions a pressing question comes to mind; do minions know they're minions?

Don't laugh. I'm serious. 

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz was supposed to testify Wednesday before the House Committee on Homeland Security, but the hearing was abruptly canceled.

Trump minions thought nothing about stopping someone critical of Trump from testifying to how bad things still were in Puerto Rico.

Cruz was right, when after she found out that her testimony had been abruptly cancelled she said, "Trump can't handle the truth" to reporters in the Capital hallway.

The minions know what's really happening however. It's their job to make Trump look good regardless of the dastardly things he does that affects millions of lives.

Have these minions sold their souls to follow Donny Little-Hands to hell?

What if they don't know their minions? Now there's a thought. They're blindly following a maniac just because they love him.

I think this conversation needs to go to another level.

Say Voodoo.

You've heard of zombies haven't you?

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

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