Monday, October 30, 2017

Trump in Fantasyland

Good Day World!

Since Trump slunk into office, the White House has taken on a new name; Fantasyland.

It's inhabitants use magical thinking when it comes to real world problems.

For example;

 When Trump directed his administration to declare America’s opioid overdose crisis a public health emergency, Republicans swiftly praised his “bold national leadership.

But with no new funding, many public health experts and state officials said it was “magical thinking” to imagine that the declaration would stem the tide of opioid overdoses that has already killed 183,000.

Having perfected the art of the con, Trump has managed to infect the Republican party with puppets who believe he's a magician that will "Make America Great Again." 

It's almost entertaining watching Trump trod over every law that inhibits his billionaire friends. When he waves his wand of bullshit his supporters say it smells like flowers.

When Trump pulls a tweet out of his hat you can be sure it's a lie. If Trump gets caught lying he doesn't hesitate to double down on the lie by digging into his bag of magic tricks.

Now, you see it. Now, you don't. 

Washington DC has become Trump's playground and stage. He signs meaningless executive orders while grandstanding in the Rose Garden.

Trump has always lived in a world of money and privilege - his personal fantasyland. Unfortunately, the rest of the country is now caught up in his charade of life.

Sadly, Trump has always stayed one step ahead of the law. His bag of tricks have served him well thus far. In his world, he's popular and loved.

In reality, he still faces an investigation over collusion with the Russians, obstruction of justice, and the lowest favorability rating of any president in history.

He's going to have to dig deeper into his bag of tricks when the investigation is over and the truth comes out.

Let's hope the bag is finally empty when that happens.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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