Sunday, October 8, 2017

SwampThing, Day 261: Trump Calls Senate Findings on Russian Interference "Fake News'

Good Day World!

As anyone who has been paying attention knows, Trump did not drain the swamp in Washington.

He restocked it. For good measure he crawled in and became the SwampThing-in-Charge.

Donny's very familiar with swamps.

His life before becoming POTUS was a grand tour of swamps around the globe. When it came to slimy, playboy Donnie set the standard in his younger years. 

Now that he's a doddering old bastard, Trump simply calls anything he doesn't like fake. It's a simple four-letter word he can remember and likes to drop daily.

After going through mounds of evidence a Senate intelligence committee concluded that Russia did infer with the 2016 election.

No question about it.

But Donny ignored the facts, and called their report fake.

He quickly downplayed the fact that the committee was still looking into his campaigns possible collusion with the Russians to help him win.

What are Americans supposed to think?

That our president, a chronic liar, knows more than all the senators who interviewed over 100 people and collected reams of incriminating paperwork and digital data?

That's a stretch by any sane persons standards. Yes, I know, not to a core Trumpie. But I did say sane.

So the obvious conclusion must be that whenever Trump opens his mouth he's lying.

One of the sure signs is that he often ends his rants with, "believe me." There's plenty of other tells. 

Meanwhile, we're stuck with a SwampThing in office until Congress grows some balls and impeaches him. 

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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