Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Reality Check: No One Knows If Trump Is Joking, Not Even Trump

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I had a good laugh yesterday when PR slut Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that Trump was just joking about getting an IQ Test to see if he, or Senior Republican Bob Corker, was smarter.

Just the idea of Trump taking an IQ test is hilarious. There's lab rats with higher IQ's than Donny.

Corker wasn't laughing at Trump's alleged joke.

He just pointed out that no one was on duty in the White House Adult Day Care Center when Trump was tweeting his trash, and that he was concerned about Trump starting WW III.

Trump tried to demean Corker by calling him a "liddle guy" that was not tall enough to be a good politician (not sure when that became a requirement).

He doubled down with a lie about Corker begging for his endorsement when he ran for office again. Never happened.

Corker is retiring, and he's had enough of Trump's lies.

As usual, Donny shot himself in the foot during his tantrum. He's made an enemy of Corker whose going to be a thorn in his side from here on out.

But didn't Sarah say Trump was just joking?

Her comment is a joke. No one knows when Trump's "just joking" or dead-ass serious. That goes for world leaders who are trying to adjust to the man-child in the Oval Office.

And that goes for Trump himself, because the old bastard has dementia. At the very least.

Just to recap Sarah:

There's really nothing funny about having a loose-lipped clown anywhere near the nuclear codes.

There's nothing funny about the people who are enabling him right now. That goes for you.

There's nothing funny about a president purposely dividing a nation for his own ego and entertainment.

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

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