Thursday, June 15, 2017

Memo To Trump: Build a Cyber Firewall - Not a Wall Between Two Countries

Good Day World!

Question of the day: why doesn't America have an "election firewall?"  

Germany is building a cyber firewall - it's currently up and running - to protect their voting system from being compromised by hackers.

I applaud Germany's urgency, and for being so proactive about the problem.

You'd think it would be our number one priority to protect our democracy and electoral process going forward after what happened last year. Apparently it's not. 

We've had plenty of warnings from cyber experts to protect ourselves quickly.

Ex-FBI director, James Comey, identified the Russian threat in a public hearing, but never got a chance to be part of a cyber team devoted to protecting our elections.

Trump fired him because of that "Russian thing."

The fact is, security department heads have been calling for a concerted effort at combating cyber hacking since Day One of Trump's presidency.

It comes as no surprise then when you hear Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, telling members of the Senate Intelligence Committee that Trump never spoke to him about Russia's interference in the elections.

We all know Trump wants the whole "Russian thing" to go away. So don't expect him to initiate anything that ties into Russian influence among his campaign staff.

It's up to Congress to do something immediately. It's up to 17 intelligence agencies to come together and to propose something. that cyber wall, or step down and let someone else do it!

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