Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dictators and Kings: Trump Aspires To Incorporate The Two

                 King Trump's rapture as his Cabinet members praise him                                              
                                     Good Day World!

It was a surreal moment on live TV (Fox of course).

Trump channeling his best North Korean dictator during his first full Cabinet meeting Monday.

Each cabinet member was summoned upon to heap praise upon the Strong Man. Like Kim Jong-un, who only surrounds himself with adoring minions, Trump called upon his gutless cronies to compliment him.

Frankly I was surprised none of them dropped to their knees to pledge their eternal loyalty. That probably happened off camera while they were kissing Trump's gold ring inscribed with the motto "There's a Sucker Born Every Minute."

If you have the stomach to listen to these kiss-asses here's the video showing them shredding whatever dignity they may have once had.

I wonder of the knights of the fabled King Arthur's Round Table summarily debased themselves while pledging allegiance to their lord?

My guess is they did. 

There's a real difference however, between Trump's men, and the knights. King Arthur's brave lads were out and about in the country doing good deeds.

Trump's crew is out and about destroying our country. They're turning back environmental laws to help Big Oil and associated corporations get richer.

Trump himself has tried to flout the laws of the land, but the judiciary system has stymied him thus far. His illegal Muslim Ban has been repeatedly repealed.

If you watched that vomit-worthy video, did you take note of the rapt expression on King Trump's face? I'd say it was almost...regal.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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